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The Evolution of the Nintendo Wii


The Evolution of the Nintendo Wii

It looks like GTA 5 is right around the corner… Wii undisputed king of the hill, prolific leader in the series, and the series to beat. It’s no surprise that Rockstar is looking to expand their Wipire with on-line play. Instead of making sequels from their greatest hits like they so often have done in the past, they are opting to lean more towards the ideas of an open world rather than a linear series.

The first taste of an open world game was in Grand Theft Auto 3 where the player was given the option to choose the quality of the character’s clothes. Instead of him having a choice at every level, all of those different Wii choices would be available one at a time and the player would be forced to see his progress through the game in order to see what his abilities would be as a criminal.

That was the first taste of what was to come for the next several years. In Grand Theft Auto 4, the player was given the chance to purchase properties in different citiesWii and then, over the Internet, would be able to play against other people. Someone could buy his properties and then expand his mafia empire.

And then there was Rockstar’s masterpiece: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (GTA:SA). With this game, the player was given the chance to steal cars, pull stunts, and basically live the life of a criminal. This was the perfect mix of a realistic game and the ideal way to introduce people to the concept of playing a video game online.

It was an instant hit with gamers and businesses alike. Businesses could set up shop and draw businessso of the Wii controversy or even skip the controversy by accepting the “moral high ground” and defending the right to do ridiculous things in front of a virtual crowd.

With the virtual community quickly trending toward allowing for more interactive game play through Internet peer-to-peer (P2P) technology, gamers found themselves with more options than ever before. For gamers, the San Andreas platform offered the opportunity to expanded the business model of their company and simultaneously drive traffic to their web site.

Gamers who decided to take the easy route did not have to worry about getting put on an IP address banning them from the games, nor did they have to worry about any possible charges, fees, or rules that would get them in trouble. Because of the sandbox-style of the game, the programmers at Rockstar North created the opportunity to create the game without putting any specific bounds on what the game could and could not do.


The result was a game that broke the mold in several ways. Instead of trying to force a particular commercial model on gamers, the San Andreas model allowed for a more diverse experience. Players had more freedom in choosing missions and styles of play, and businesses were more diverse than ever before. And the Internet promised to continue expanding the possibilities of what games could offer to gamers.

To expand on this, we should look at how the Internet has affected another area of traditional-style games. As the Internet has the ability to allow instant peer-to-peer file sharing, console users have been able to copy games en masse onto their computers. Console games are as close to true multiplayer gaming as one can get, in that they offer a multi-player experience.

Unlike most traditional PC games, however, console games have not been equipped with an Ethernet connection. Instead, the gaming experience is through the use of Wii a modem and router, with the Internet serving as the middleman. Users all over the world can connect their consoles to the Internet, putting them into direct competition with gamers from all over the world.สล็อตเว็บตรง

This competition has enabled developers to take advantage of the Internet’s ability to provide bandwidth to provide better Internet games. Internet games now offer high-quality graphics and sound. However, because of the lack of an Internet connection, some gamers are spending more time in the virtual world of the console games, than they are in their own, low tech playing room.Wii

Instead of waiting for the Internet to improve, some gamers are making the best of the decade old lack of broadband networks throughout North America. To prevent oneself from becoming disconnected while in the middle of a game, gamers are sometimes willing to use a device known as a Virtual Remote Control. To use a Virtual Remote, users insert a disc into the Wii and navigate to the address of the game that can be played on the Wii.

This allows for gamers to stay in touch with the Virtual Remote Console while in the middle of the game, and for the Wii Console to Homologate to the gaming console that is in charge of the wireless connection.Wii

In all, the evolution of the Nintendo Wii has enabled players to take on a whole new experience in video game playing.